A dream that guided by the ILUSION little by little goes doing reality.  My name is ROSEMARY, I was born in the year 1971 and since then I have not lived neither an only day without the company of a dog, is more, I believe that my love by them himself It forged before being born and thanks to my father, that  this PASION transmitted to me genetically.   A day of February of 1987 when I bought the magazine "The World of the Dog" (that still I conserve with a lot of nostalgia) and I read absorbed the race of the month, I fell yielded before Its Majesty Dog:  THE Afghan Hound. 

This magic race conquered me the heart and since then I dreamt of having my first one Afghan.This could not be until later.In an Dog Show , I had the honor of chatting with Norman Huidobro, very admired by my and after doing it, I knew that I should be well prepared to receive in my home to a jewel dog of exceptional beauty and sensibility .  The World of the Dog seduced to me and  while I studied to  CC. Economics, I learned salon dog, veterinary asisstant , training. ...y after the obtaining of my Affix:  Mariscalato by the RSCE in the year 1995, I began with the young and selection of the Yorkshire Terrier, at the same time that participated in the dog shows as the  ring comisary and exhibitor.  For some years I documented me extensively on my dreamed race and  Thanks to Alfonso, my husband, they arrived at my life my desired Afghans and they surpassed my expectations of Happiness.  Again, THANKS Alfonso because by you we have to ours Afghan. 


Mariscalato´s Afghans are 2 persons, Alfonso Vera and Rose Mary Lozano; both we share theirs walks, theirs plays, theirs kisses impassioned, theirss training, theirs exits to the Ring and those stupendous Dog Show weekend that are the perfect excuse to enjoy them each minute of the day.  It´s a race of a special sensibility and éxotica sheathed in a slender body of a great fortress and beauty that transmits dignity, elegance, security in itself, expression almost human in their look. ..un without end of sensations that touch us and they seduce of their oriental, neither submissive nature, neither servile and super intelligent with great memory and loving with their owners.  Understand them and to admire them is to want them. 

Particularly our Afghans live together and they are carried very well with ours other dogs, that are of very different races:  The Neapolitan Mastiffs of my husband and my loved Yorkshires.   Currently we participate only with our Afghans in the beauty dogs Shows and with a constant work and with the very good blood lines and Afghans with the ones that leave, we expect to form part of that elite of fruitful of Afghan hounds that pursue worthy, stable copies of their race and it more related possible to their standard, but always evolving for well.-

                                            Rosa María Lozano & Alfonso Vera