They are born and they give all their life us without anything fill in return, us of illusion and although we know that a day they will leave to another place, when that day arrives, invades a tremendous sadness to us that thanks to the wonderful memories and images that will persist in our heart, with time will be healing that open wound. That place to which many we called " RAINBOW " , symbolizes our desire of which they go to a tranquilito place, beautiful and welcomes that them as they deserve themselves. I wait for and desire that Yessi and Kiri have met in that tuna place and are happy like were it here, although have left an emptiness me that will never fill but that I hope that someday it does not do as much damage to me. Billions of thanks to the two by that joy and happiness that habeis given those years to me of your life. You enjoy, to run and to pass it with all those peludetes well that are there and please not me olvideis because perhaps someday we become to find and that all the tears that I have spilled by you they can turn into those little kisses that we occurred. Yessi and Kiri: There am beloved to you, I want to you and always I will want to you because you were part of my family. -
              That sofa will not be the same without Yessi and Kiri. - Mario, Anuka and Carolina miss to you also. -

            Today it has spent already a year, since in that sofa also they lack in my home, Saphira and Anuka, mother and daughter respectively. Until today it had not had forces to dismiss to me of them as they are deserved. Anuka was the daughter of Saphy more similar to her and the prefered by my father, to its 13 years olds, had to march, not without first to try everything, an important operation… but the age is the age… was very sad because above father saw undergo much. Saphira was mummy of all and Mario, is father.


                 Saphira died with 15 years old of joy and happiness that it has given me. That one Sunday went away, without more remedy, because the truth, that fought until the last moment for being with us, but its little body did not allow it, had bathed it Friday and groming her very smooth because it did not want to bother it, badly saw a little it and was when his veterinarian already said to me that were days… until Sunday did not separate of my nor a moment and I believe that it is still not had separated, nor it will never separate. Has been with me in my moments sad and when  I  was ill, something she perceived and came to console me and by all means, in my moments glad… I rember day of my wedding, that raised in tail of suit, while the photographer in house did photos to me, and she it went to clear, when I said him that nothing of that, that enchanted me that it appeared in the photos and the other… has accompanied, us in motorcycle, boat, to the cinema, in thousands of sites prohibit that them to enter… but she already knew that she was called on to her put into my big bag   because thus we could be together… She was the joy and the female leader of the house, did not weigh more than 1.900 kg, but Afghans and napolitans mastiffs to 75 respected it kg like female leader of the herd. Between tears and tuna memories, I have written these letters because it needed to do it. It was and it is my pretty Saphy. In the 2008, Yessy and Kiri went, and in the 2009 Anuka and Saphira. Of that so pretty family, only I have left Carolina and its Mario father, but saddest she is than I know that soon they will go away also because they have 14 and 15 añitos… the only positive and cheers that I can see of this is that will be all in that tuna someday place, which we called “Rainbow”. -