The Afghan is an elegant greyhound of noble origins and many Legends on him .

Somebody say that it might have been the race chosen to represent the dogs in Noe's Ark and this way to perpetuate the species.

Others say that the first Afghan it had the princess Fatima, daughter of Mahoma, who also had the first Arabic horse.

 The Indians Kato of America tel) that their supreme God - Negaicho-, had a dog and this one was a wonderful afghanhound.

All these stories are very nice but objective information is absent that they endorse them. Practically there is not known the origin of this race. There is an oriental expression that us summarizes everything above mentioned: - Nobody knows wherefrom they come, but there they are .This oriental halo of legend on the Afghan hound owes largely to the geographical situation of Afghanistan, which exists if has been throughout the times, place of step towards the Far East. The race of the Afghan Greyhound is related by the Saluki (Persian Greyhound) and this way his ancestors would have departed from Persia and come to Afghanistan where they would have developed their long hair. In Afghanistan they were a National símbology And very estimated by their sovereign ones, they were taken to Great Britain by the British soldiers after the Afghan War II, about 1980. The first afghan exposed in London in 1907 had great success. Een 1926 a club was founded ingés - The British Kennel Club - and this way the race was recognized officially. The first Afghan who obtained the Champion's title was CH.BUCKMAL raised by Bell-Murray and property of Miss Manson and in this year 1926 with her champion CH KANDAHAR, she did that The American Kennel Club was recognizing the raza.-England was the cradle of the revelation of the race in West and as the years went by and with some vicissitudes it has spread throughout the world.-