PERFUMED GREYHOUNDS. - This way they have been known and this owes to the production of an aroma proceeding from a few glands placed to the sides of the cheekbones. This agreeable perfume has a smell similar of the musk and accents more when the dog is humid.

VERY GOOD MEMORY .-Are accustomed to remember(remind) his(her,your) breeders with affection and the females are in the habit of preserving a very strong link with his(her,your) descendants and recognize to his(her,your) already large puppies when When they see them. 

 THE SIGHT .-The eye of the Afghan is very sharp and hunts with the sight not with the smell. Often remains static looking and observing the horizont and everything around it.He is very observant. He has an almost human look with the one that seems to look to and across.

LUCKY .-they It are because they have the reputation of being capable to few of the most known canine hereditary diseases.