FOR PUPPY / YOUNG AFGHAN : SHAPPED COLLAR ADJUSTABLE   :  in puppy size and for puppies from 3,5 months and adjustables for different ages of months.Any model of collar is available in version PUPPY or YOUNG , they are adjustables . PRICE ALL MODELS COLLAR ADJUSTABLES is 50 euros. You can choosing the model in adult available models listed.

                                                       LIST  MODELS SHAPPED COLLARS  with Tassel removable

                                                        LIST  MODELS STRIGHT COLLARS

All our collars
are exclusive made by MARISCALATO , safe and  comfy. Faux leatheris used &  Martingale system antiescape .  Collars provides  security for your dog because it closes beyond the diameter of the neck, avoiding the risk of choke when the dog pulls and security for you, because you can slip out of his collar. Remember, GLAMOUR and security can go together:
-There is no risk of escape, because the collar fits the diameter of the neck.
-Does not cause problems in the animal's respiratory system. With other conventional types of collars, dog sinks to pull the trachea, which can eventually escalate into serious respiratory problems.