EXCLUSIVE by Mariscalato. Our snoods (earmuffs) can be  FABRIC  SNOODS and  CROCHETED SNOODS . We also have   PUPPY SNOODS  from 3,5 months old. Very useful for: * the meal times, so do not put in her ears and hair * walks chew, so as not to step on the ears when they smell the ground, * and put your hair in the mouth with the wind ...

                                 The fabric snoods can be in  silky fabric  20 EUROS  or  in cotton fabric  18 EUROS:


                           SILKY LIGHT FABRIC SNOODS  Models availables:

                    Model AFRICA                                                      Model OLE


                 Model GIRALDA                                                     Model CACHEMIR

                   Model TIGER                                                      Model ZEBRA

                  Model TIGER´N PURPLE                                              Model TIGER´N RED 


Model BRIGHT TURQUOISE      Model BRIGHT RED                Model BRIGHT GOLD         Model BRIGHT PURPLE                                         

         Model FLAMINGOS IN TEAL GREEN                                Model FLAMINGOS IN WHITE


             MODEL FLAMINGOS IN PINK                            Model FLAMINGOS IN SILVER GRAY


                   Model PEACOCK                                                      Model  GALES


                  Model BLACK KISSES                                       Model  PINK KISSES                               


               Model BLACK CHILLY                         Model  PINK CHILLY         Model  PINK FLAMINGOS


                  Model MADRID                                              Model   FLAMINGOS IN BLACK


                  Model FEELINGS                                                     Model  BLUES


                     Model BUTTERFLIES                    Model BLUE MARGUERITES     Model GOLD MARGUERITES          


                        Model SEVILLA                                                       Model  PARIS           


                                            Model ARABIA                                                                       Model  ALADIN  



                           Model    SHEREZADE                             BLUE MARGUERITES         GOLD MARGUERITES                                                                    



                                           Model JAGUAR                                                                                        Model  ZEBRA  


     Model  " BLUE LEO  "                         Model  " GRAY LEO  "                    Model  " PINK LEO "


                                        Model CHERRIES                                                                Model  SPRING  


                     Model  " LOVELY PURPLE  "                                                      Model  " LOVE "                    


                          Model  " LOVELY BLACK  "                                              


                   Model  " WATERMELOS  "                                 Model  " BLUE WATERMELONS "


                     Model  " PURPLE WATERMELONS "                                       Model  "  LA SIRENITA  "


                       Model  " PURPLE LEO  "                                                 Model  " CHOCO LEO "


  Model  "TURQUOISE LEO "               Model " LOLLIPOS "                    Model " PURPLE HEART "           

  MODEL" PINK DRAGONFLIES "                     Model  " STARS "   

    Model  " BLUE CAMO  "      
   Model  " GREEN CAMO  "                                                         



                     COTTON FABRIC SNOODS  Models availables list :

       Model  " SHARKS "              Model  " PANDAS  "            Model  " PUGS  "                  " KOALAS  "


Model  " TOM & JERRY "              Model  " ROCK  "                  Model  " MINI  "              " PINK KATRINAS  "


                            Model  " SPONGE BOBS "                                      Model  " BATMAN  "