The rainsuits are availables in 4 SIZES :

             SIZES               MEASURES                           Correspondencias habituales

          S--------   B = 60 cm , C =  80  cm … are usually   females from 63 to 68 cm high and squares .-

          M ------   B =65 cm , C = 85  cm …  are usually females or very thin  males from 69 to 73 cm  high.-

          L  -------   B = 70 cm , C = 90  cm…  are usually the standard for males. High measured from 74 to 80 cm .-

          XL -----   B =  73 cm , C = 98 cm   valid for very big males,   castrated males ... and height from 74 to 80 cm .-


How to choose the correct size of my dog?


Measure A: Withers : from the ground  to the withers ( more or less the top of the shoulder blades )

Measure B : Back length : Measure the length of your dog from base of neck to the end of the back or base of the  tail. There sulting measurement centimeters  should roughly match the size and value of is important to always rounding of 0 to 5cm up.

Measure C : Contour of the chest : the contour of the widest part of his / her chest.

Tips for our sizes

Before choosing the size, please, note the following guidelines to measure your dog.

Put your dog up  in static posture with the neck up.

* Measure your dog with a tape measure like this    and write down your exact measurements and study our size chart.

  *   Normally , the Measure " B " , IS THE SIZE  OK

  *   Please note that as " C " ( contour around the chest is sufficient to choose the size that provides 11 to 15 cm clearance to your exact measurement )
     Remember there are other factors for choosing the size: overweight, excessive thinness, very Large coat of show, ....

  * you can consult to me by email with your measures.... for the correct size :) or if you have other questions , I can help to you for measuring him / her. 

 Remenber that I send the clothes in the size that is better for your measures but I don´t measure your dog, please, measure and re-measure to your dog until you are sure the correct measures. If you measure wrong, probably the size is wrong , so it´s no my fault. The correct measures are very important for choosing the correct size.-  For the clothes  that there are some sizes :  If you need " change" the size, the two shipping cost "to and from" are the customer´s expense.-

Examples of measurement:

* one female  with measures :  B= 58cm,   C =  65cm   and    A =  66cm  high----  to choose  size S

* one male  with measures :      B = 70cm,  C =  75cm   and  
A =  76 cm  high----  to choose  size  L

* one male with measures :       B = 63 cm,  C =  67 cm  and 
A =  72 cm   high----  size  to choose M