All International Orders must contact us through  Email  to submit orders.
Mariscalato Website cannot accurately determine shipping amount Internationally.   

                                                 Easy to order from any country !

Email Orders Direct

You may order direct through email at        
info@galgosafganos.es    and I will send to you one email with the total price included shipping quotes and how pay by paypal. Don’t send money to that email ( it’s not associated to one Paypal account), please ask to me for my Paypal account.

Payment Method

The payment of the order is in advance and by paypal. If you have not paupal account , no problem , we use PayPal Email Payments for a quick and secure way , to request payment to our customers and we accept credit card, bank, and PayPal payments online.  We send a  email to you with payment request where  you can click and pay. Very easy and safe.